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Effective Ingredient Penetration.

The formulation of the skin care products is very critical for ingredient penetration to be effective. The effective ingredients in most skincare need to penetrate or be absorbed to be effective. The first three ingredients in a product determine whether the product is oil based or water based. If you see any oils/mineral oils, petrolatum/waxes, emollients like caprylic/capric triglycerides/silicone in the first three ingredients, then the product is usually oil based. The oil based ingredients form a lipid barrier and prevents anything from going in or out. This is an excellent way to moisturize but slow down the penetration of water based anti oxidants and anti inflammatory ingredients. Also, the ingredients are too large to penetrate the skin. Hylunia’s formulations are water based and the ingredients are small , thus allowing the anti oxidant and anti inflammatory ingredients to penetrate.

As for the oil soluble vitamins, Hylunia’s formulation encapsulates the effective ingredients in a liquid crystals for ingredient penetration and this is the secret to its success in obtaining clinical results. Our research indicates that most skin care products are ineffective due to the lack of penetration.

Effective Ingredient strength.

Compare Hylunia’s Facial Day Lotion with other Moisturizers in the market. Since, most of the free radicals are produced during the day by sun, stress, and skin care ingredients, Hylunia has incorporated the most powerful anti-oxidants, vitamins, anti-inflammatory and anti-radiation (sun, SUV rays) ingredients in high strengths to minimize free radical damage which is linked to aging.

To help humanity and to make a one step simple application, Hylunia’s Super Moisturizing Facial Day lotion is an example and has 7 products in one. If you have to purchase these 7 different products , the equivalent retail cost would be $800. Hylunia product retail cost is only one tenth of all these 7 different products, if purchased separately.

  • Contains Hyaluronic complex and an equivalent product is retailed at $150.
  • Contains multiple Peptides and an equivalent product is retailed at $200.
  • Contains a volcanic ocean Sea weed extract and an equivalent product is retailed at $250.
  • Contains Herbal Green Tea, Chrysanthumum, Turmeric, Calendula and an equivalent product is retailed at $60.
  • Contains Retinol (vitamin A) and Equivalent product is retailed at $40.
  • Contains Grape Seed Stem Cells and an equivalent product is retailed at $50.

Not only are Hylunia products free of preservatives, formaldehyde, grape fruit seed extracts, and fragrance; they are also holistic, pure, safe, Vegan, and assist in the anti-aging process with clinical results. Our products contain therapeutic strengths of vitamins, green tea, turmeric, Grape Seed Stem Cells, plant peptides and vitamin C.

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