Core Purpose:

Benefit Humanity

Mission Statement:

To benefit humanity by providing holistic, safe, effective and easy to use skin care products and protocols.

Hylunia Core Values

  • Long term safety of our customers
  • Effectiveness of Hylunia Products and protocols
  • Prevention of inflammatory, and potential carcinogenic ingredients in products
  • Heal the whole person
  • Truth and Honesty
  • Good Karma
  • Balanced approach- Not extreme
  • Realistic Approach
  • Right to the freedom of choice
  • Heal the whole person
  • Science based holistic innovation

Hylunia Vision

  • To be honest and truthful about the effect of ingredients, efficacy and give freedom of choice.
  • To develop a true skin care free of all carcinogenic, inflammatory ingredients that are linked to aging, diseases and cancer.
  • To incorporate the wisdom of the east to balance and enhance the immune system while applying the science of the west for the product penetration and efficacy.
  • To provide a risk free product for those families with a history of cancer or who have cancer.


Hylunia Core Values

gave birth to the 7P's

  1. Prevention:
    Prevent aging by using ingredients that do not cause inflammation and DNA alteration.

  2. Potential Risk:
    Avoid using ingredients that are potentially carcinogenic or harmful

  3. Purification:
    Toxins that accumulate in the body show up on the skin. Internal cleanse and external ionic detoxification can remove these toxins from the body and skin.

  4. Protection:
    Protect the skin from environmental impact and damage.

  5. Preservation:
    By healing and repairing the damage done to the DNA to maintain skin’s integrity, balance and homeostasis.

  6. Penetration:
    Formulate products designed to penetrate the layers of the skin and deliver results.

  7. Peace of mind:
    Lack of peace of mind can have the most significant impact on the health of your skin. Hylunia gives you peace of mind by using ingredients that are safe yet effective.

Hylunia used its scientific and medical knowledge of skin to develop its 7P principles. The 7P principles were applied to the formulation of Hylunia products.