Hylunia has become our strongest line

of the other two lines we carry. After an allstaff training
on product knowledge, it became our best-selling line.

Over the past year, our Hylunia sales are greater than the sales from our other two main lines combined. Over 90% of our skin care sales are Hylunia and it isn’t a surprise because of the quality of the products!

Hylunia is an easy go-to for any guest that walks-in with any specific skin concern, or just looking for a new skin care regime. All of our staff consistently recommends their products to friends and family. The Healing & Restoring cream is one of the best gifts we suggest for our guests. Hylunia’s staff is very professional and responsive to all of our needs and questions. They are fantastic about keeping us updated with new products they are launching as well as any new pertinent information regarding existing products.

Their product knowledge training is hands-down one of the best we’ve had out of all of our vendors. After being able to test out products and see them in use, our staff fell in love and most of our staff switched from using one of our other lines to Hylunia. We recently recommended Hylunia products to a local cancer center because of how pure and effective the products are. The entire Sonnenalp Spa staff truly enjoys all that Hylunia has to offer, ranging from their products to staff support. Definitely one of the best companies we have worked with over the years!

Erika Madsen, Spa Manager, Sonnenalp Spa, Vail, Colorado

It is hard to pick just one favorite

Hylunia product so I will tell you a few of them:
Beyond C Complex, Facial Cleansing Gel, Vitamin C Peel
and the Facial Day Lotion.

I love the Beyond C because I love products that multitask. It fights fine lines AND redness. I love the Facial Cleansing Gel because it is another great multitasking product; cleans your face and removes makeup. The Vitamin C Peel is wonderful because it can be used on someone with very sensitive, reactive skin. The Facial Day Lotion is another multitasker; I can moisturizer and have a little SPF in one step.

Additionally I love that Hylunia products are paraben and cruelty free. I love being able to offer my clients products that are not only amazing but safe, effective, and natural.

Angel Gioe, Massage and Facial Specialist, Lifestream Wellness Spa, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

I'd say that in that Hylunia

has contributed 75% of sales to my retail sales.

The ease of doing business with Hylunia: It has been very easy to order online during non-working hours. The website is very easy to use but could be more user friendly and less cumbersome. When I have questions I just email and I have an answer by the next morning! I am also happy that I can email any special requests that I may need like expedited shipping or tester tubes and they are taken care of.

was already a user of Hylunia when I contacted them and so knew a great deal about the product but my rep was very helpful and informative in educating me on products that I wasn't familiar with. We went over the entire ingredient list and if I had a question about an ingredient I would get a very informative answer! I also appreciated the Hylunia protocols, especially when I was first setting up Honey. She introduced me to new ways of using the products and new outcomes and results when using products synergistically.

I recommend Hylunia to every single client and my friends and family. The products are sensitive enough to be used on the most sensitive skins and they are effective enough to convert people from any other line to Hylunia.

Megan Sczesny, Owner, Honey Skin Spa, Seattle, Washington